Hosokawa Gen4 Stage Two: Monitor

The capability to proactively access multiple streams of live data from your equipment and process systems, whether remotely or directly at their locations, is a tangible way to empower your operators and processing team.

This data-driven, real-time intelligence helps to ensure your plant is continually operating at optimal performance levels, whether your processing and operations teams are on-premise or not, for whatever reason.

As remote working practices become more commonplace – in response to workplace culture shifts, adapting to better work/life balances or unforeseen disruption that requires resilience to overcome – capturing and analysing real-time data from a processing location remotely will become an increasing necessity for agile, forward-thinking process manufacturers and teams.

This necessity can be addressed with the adoption of a robust digital transformation strategy – including the integration of connected smart technology, such as Hosokawa Gen4 intelligent software – to help facilitate team cohesion, simplify problem-solving, enable quick decision-making and maintain operational efficiency.

What can the Hosokawa Gen4 team do to help?

Hosokawa Gen4 incorporates an exceptionally informative, custom-made remote monitoring (ReMs) App as part of its digitalisation solutions to deliver real-time visibility of your plant’s status, providing alerts, practical predictions and prescriptions from the collated and analysed data.

Our experienced process engineers and digitalisation team collaborate to diagnose your operating issues, then inform and train your operators to maximise your plant processes.

Developed by Hosokawa Micron’s expert technology partners, the restricted-access Hosokawa Gen4 App can be loaded onto a computer, tablet or smart phone and is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world to relevant stakeholders.

What are the key advantages of integrating Hosokawa Gen4 remote monitoring capabilities?

  • Live values, trends and alerts taken from your production information system indicate the condition of parts, power levels, the status of a processing run, operational performance and when the machine will require maintenance
  • Simulated operating scenario capabilities make it easy to understand how your proposed decisions might impact the plant
  • Defined plant operating alarms can be integrated into the App, with abnormal or exceptional results distributed to relevant stakeholders in your processing teams
  • Key performance variables are compared to a bespoke library of best practice templates for matching operating templates
  • Analytics collected at the point of collection (the Edge) mean only significant information is then sent to a Cloud-based or on-premise server. This avoids excessive, resource-consuming operational data, which can be unwieldy and expensive to manage, and helps to streamline your digital transformation
  • An early heads-up on potential problems allows you to take evasive action
  • Reducing the risk of costly equipment damage avoids the need for corrective maintenance
  • Shifting from reactive to proactive predictive maintenance scenarios reduces machine downtime
  • Increasing and maintaining the high quality and yield of your products will help to exceed and redefine your operating objectives
  • Remote monitoring offers ways for your processing team to remain agile, even when not on premise
Experience the Official Hosokawa Gen4 ReMs App in Demo Mode

Our technology experts have created a demo version of the Hosokawa Gen4 ReMs App, specifically for process manufacturers to see how the technology could work for their business.

The demo version can be downloaded for free via the iTunes Store or on Google Play. Simply click here to download your preferred version.

For further information about the Hosokawa Gen4 ReMs App, please click here

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