Front End Engineering and Design Studies

Our expert design engineers collaborate with you to create exceptional equipment and process systems to meet your unique requirements

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is internationally recognised as a cutting-edge industrial designer and manufacturer of innovative processing and containment equipment for powders, particles, liquids, gases, vapours and raw ingredients such as powders, pastes, pulps, juices, purees, granules and flakes.

Our wide-ranging capabilities and services begin at the concept and feasibility stage of the equipment manufacturing process. Underpinned by decades of accumulated in-depth experience creating exceptional processing equipment and systems for manufacturers worldwide, our skilled design engineers are adept at finding robust, cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Along with standard processing and containment equipment for applications such as drying, milling, size reduction, mixing, filling and weighing, the specialist engineering team produces ground-breaking, innovative and bespoke equipment, systems and technology for all powder processing industries.

Challenges, not Problems

Many projects begin with a challenge, which often requires an innovative engineering solution to ensure the customer’s manufacturing process is easier and more efficient.

Our aim is to create hardworking equipment and systems that are fit for purpose, built to last and are extremely functional and reliable, as well as being safe to use.

Some customers know exactly what they require and provide a User Requirement Specification at the beginning of the process, while others are not sure which equipment or system is right for them. Our expertise allows us to guide every customer towards the best solution.

We understand that each sector has its own unique challenges and requirements and must adapt to an ever-changing, increasingly competitive manufacturing environment.

We listen very carefully to our customers and ensure we fully assimilate their brief and technical requirements, along with important cost objectives, before embarking on a design study.

Immersive Technology Supports Creativity

Our design engineers harness the latest immersive technology to bring your processing vision to life.

From the first stages of brainstorming and developing the chosen solution, to creating detailed digital and 3D technical drawings, we tailor, prototype and test each piece of equipment or system precisely to meet the production process requirement.

This also enables us to significantly decrease the time it takes to arrive at the best solution and report our comprehensive findings, prior to design sign off and the fabrication and build process.

Hosokawa Micron’s Front End Engineering and Design Study service is complemented by the application of cutting-edge digital technology, such as digital twinning, virtual reality and augmented reality. For further information about our Digital Engineering capabilities, please click here

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