Agglomeration & Compaction

The agglomeration technologies and equipment offered by Hosokawa are designed to improve the handling qualities of powders, dusts, and slurries, and to provide the most advantageous technical and economical solutions.

Agglomeration is the combining of small powder particles to produce larger particles by either adhesive binding or compacting of the powders. Our agglomeration machines can offer a range of agglomeration technologies including press agglomeration, compacting, briquetting, pelletising, extrusion, mixing, and batch fluid bed processing.

Agglomeration can improve a variety of powders’ and particles’ physical properties, including flowability, wettability, and dispersibility. It can also enhance bulk density, material segregation, and powder de-dusting.

When selecting agglomeration equipment, it’s important to consider a range of requirements, including:

  • Properties of the feed material
  • Requirements for final product quality, size, shape, and moisture content
  • Production environment
  • Permitted construction materials
  • Energy consumption

You will also have to determine whether you need batch or continuous agglomeration, factoring in properties such as the amount of feed material, the production rates needed, and the final volume requirements.

Hosokawa Micron’s experience in process engineering means that we are familiar with the problems inherent in handling powders, dusts, and slurries. This means we can provide solutions for a range of general and specific applications. Our agglomeration equipment is not only suitable as a stand-alone solution but as part of a system which is built with the capabilities to meet production needs.





Agglomeration & Compaction Products

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