Hosokawa Micron has world-class expertise in powder-handling techniques and the containment of powders and pastes used by the automotive industry.

Innovation, technology and environmental considerations are driving a revolution in the design, engineering and manufacturing of motor vehicles across the world.

Metal powders and pastes are critical to the automotive industry, providing material derived from metals such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium and titanium for compression moulding of complex vehicle parts, as well as hard and soft soldering powders for circuit boards, computer chips and air conditioning systems.

As the car industry innovates towards the goal of ‘greener’ travel, the technology behind additive manufacturing is also facilitating the manufacture of spare parts using 3D printers.

For high-end manufacturers in particular, the initial investment in additive manufacturing technology pays off where bespoke parts and the testing of new ideas through R&D are required, while all car manufacturers can benefit from the ability to create prototypes from metal powders more quickly and more affordably than by using traditional methods.

For the emerging hybrid and electric vehicle market, metal powder is a vital component in the production of energy-efficient lithium-ion batteries.

Hosokawa Micron offers a wide range of equipment for the safe containment and handling of metal powders by the automotive industry and those sectors servicing the industry, including battery production and battery recycling.

From downflow booths and laminar flow booths, to gloveboxes, drum handling equipment and filling and weighing systems, our high-performance processing and containment systems and powder processing expertise are trusted by companies around the world from a wide variety of manufacturing sectors, including aerospace, defence, nuclear and chemicals.

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