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Hosokawa Micron is at the heart of process technology innovation to produce and recycle battery materials for a cleaner, healthier planet.

Hosokawa Micron is at the heart of process technology innovation to produce and recycle battery materials for a cleaner, healthier planet.

 The quest for sustainable technology and renewable energy products is rapidly gathering pace, driven by the increasingly important requirement to efficiently, economically and safely power electrical goods while reducing their carbon footprint.

Transportation is a major driver of battery innovation outside the home, from ‘greener’ buses and trains, to electric vehicles (EVs), e-bikes and e-scooters, while the demand for convenient, high-quality domestic goods – such as cordless power tools and vacuum cleaners, mobile phones and portable devices – is driving the lithium battery market for home and personal use.

It is predicted that lithium (Li-ion) battery use will increase at least ten-fold over the next decade, while the capacity to recycle primary and rechargeable batteries will be critical, increasing exponentially in line with the expectation of a shifting consumer culture that demands its electronics equipment be even faster, safer, longer-lasting, kinder to the environment and more convenient. A robust circular battery material economy and continual battery innovation are vital to success.

The thriving secondary battery market is a challenging one. Buoyed by scientific, materials and processing innovation, the journey for battery manufacturers is not without risk and requires not only huge investment, but the confidence to choose and trust the right technical partners to accompany them on the trip.

Trusted by the world’s largest manufacturing industries

Hosokawa Micron is trusted by the world’s largest manufacturing industries and boasts decades of scientific and technical expertise in powder and particle processing technology that puts us right in the driving seat when it comes to battery innovation.

Our end-to-end service encompasses everything from particle design, to the in-depth powder processing and engineering knowledge required to successfully manufacture battery material, including a wealth of expertise critical to the safe handling and containment of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, such as those used in battery manufacture.

Reliable, high-performance processing equipment

Hosokawa Micron designs, engineers and manufactures reliable, high-performance processing equipment and complex systems for drying, ultrafine milling, classifying and coating mineral and metal materials and has specialist expertise in graphite spheroidization and materials optimisation. The equipment is complemented by bespoke containment systems for bulk powder handling – isolators, gloveboxes, downflow booths, fume cupboards and decontamination modules – along with drum tipping, filling and powder feeding components and laboratory equipment perfect for battery R&D and establishing successful scale-up parameters.

Wide-ranging specialist experience

Our Technical Services team underpins our engineering capabilities and has wide-ranging specialist experience of supporting customers from the chemical, metal and mineral-based industries in a number of areas, such as R&D, particle design, powder analysis and processing protocols.

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