Medical Devices

Hosokawa Micron offers a portfolio of high-performance, industry-leading containment equipment and process systems for the complex medical devices industry.

Hosokawa Micron boasts wide-ranging expertise in the continually evolving pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors, accumulated from more than a century of powder and particle processing experience. Our innovative, industry-leading equipment and process systems are trusted by the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

Medical devices are becoming increasingly important as the world’s population ages. The sector encompasses products such as orthopaedic implants, needles, surgical instruments, dental appliances, cannulas, spectacles, thermometers, rubber gloves, hearing aids and lightweight, durable, intricately engineered prosthetics.

The highly specialised, highly regulated medical devices industry is driven by technical innovation and the requirement to quickly and cost-effectively produce complex, critically accurate, hygienic products, biomedically engineered using cutting-edge technology and techniques. Materials science is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, with nanotechnology facilitating the pursuit of exciting new materials, drug delivery systems and coatings

Two of the industry’s largest growth areas are medical additive manufacturing, which is driving the market for medical grade materials for 3D printing, and precision biocompatible coatings required for implantable medical devices.

Safety, hygiene and protection are critical to the medical devices industry and are areas in which Hosokawa Micron excels. We offer a wide range of specialist, tailor-made powder processing for the production of materials such as polymer, metal and mineral powders, which are used extensively in the engineering and formulation of medical devices.

Our bespoke sterile containment equipment and process systems expertise is second to none in the powder processing industry. We offer downflow booths and laminar flow cabinets, fitted with the latest HEPA filtration systems, to sterile glove boxes and isolators, nano containment solutions and flexible compact isolators, expertly engineered to conform to industry safety standards. We also offer tailor-made drum handling equipment and filling and weighing systems, for the safe and hygienic handling of processed materials.

State-of-the-art private laboratory

Hosokawa Micron’s medical devices experience also extends to formulation development for novel and off-patent APIs in the pharmaceutical industry and R&D for the additive manufacturing sector, conducted by our highly qualified technical services team at our state-of-the-art private laboratory at Sci-Tech Daresbury.

Medical Device Industry

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