Engineering Consultancy

Our team of knowledgeable mechanical, process and controls engineers works in collaboration with our design engineers to solve a variety of process manufacturing challenges.

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is well-known for its powder processing innovation, which has been built upon decades of engineering expertise. Our team has amassed approximately 100 years of specialist industry experience between them, which encompasses applications including food processing, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, the containment of nuclear materials, plus cosmetics and household detergent production, to name just a few examples.

Key to the success of every processing project Hosokawa Micron undertakes is the harnessing of accumulated knowledge and our tenacious ability to solve a processing challenge efficiently and to an excellent standard.

We also recognise the importance of listening to our customers to assimilate their processing challenges in the most creative, cost-effective and soundly engineered way possible, whether that’s a single piece of equipment, a process system or turn-key manufacturing facility incorporating data-driven manufacturing technology and process solutions.

A Business Intelligence Approach

Our engineering consultants will visit your site to survey your current set-up, assess how and where it could be improved and ascertain if there are any factors that might influence our proposed solution.

Using a series of information-gathering techniques and trends, as well as the latest technology – including our Hosokawa Gen4 software for data-gathering, understanding and monitoring – they will then compile a comprehensive report, highlighting additions, upgrades or changes that could positively impact your manufacturing processes, including visualising where in the plant the changes could be made, how they could look and how your processes could be optimised.

They will also formulate an implementation plan that focusses on cost control, expenses and feasibility – all critical elements for you to make an informed decision about whether to pursue an engineering project.

Adept at building positive, fruitful and professional relationships with every customer, Hosokawa Micron’s dedicated project and engineering team communicates and collaborates clearly and effectively, sharing knowledge, ideas, advice and support, having the critical expertise to ask thought-provoking, relevant questions that will result in Hosokawa Micron developing the right processing solution for you.

For further information about Hosokawa Gen4 for data-driven manufacturing, please click here

Smart Factory Solutions

To meet the increasing requirements of processing industries for reliable intelligent manufacturing techniques to create smart factories – which are rapidly emerging from the principles of IIoT and Industry 4.0 – Hosokawa Micron can now offer an integrated intelligent software capability for its equipment and process systems to enable data-driven manufacturing and processing optimisation.

After many years of R&D, collaborating with cutting-edge technology partners, we are proud to have created our unique intelligent manufacturing software brand, Hosokawa Gen4, specifically designed for our process manufacturing partners.

Hosokawa Gen4 can be integrated into our processing equipment and systems, as well as into third party assets, whether new, legacy or a combination of the two.

Our highly experienced engineers work alongside our dedicated Hosokawa Gen4 and Lifecycle Services teams to ensure your processing equipment and systems are optimised and connected, offering a comprehensive range of end-to-end digital strategy solutions – including asset modelling, digital readiness assessments and remote monitoring – that can enable greater business resilience as your company evolves in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Adaptability, responsiveness and flexibility can now be at your fingertips as your processes become more agile, your assets become more efficient and your end products become more economical to produce.

Hosokawa Micron’s Engineering Consultancy service is further complemented by the application of cutting-edge digital technology, such as digital twinning, virtual reality and augmented reality. For further information about our Digital Engineering capabilities, please click here

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