Hosokawa Micron has a long and successful heritage of supplying unique processing machinery and systems into the rubber industry under the Hosokawa Micron Milling brand name.

The heavy duty size reduction and associated feed systems are designed for the arduous tasks of shredding bales of natural and synthetic rubber to facilitate blending with other ingredients or dissolving.

Raw materials industries are diversifying, driven by technology and the ever-changing requirements of manufacturing industries. Versatile processing equipment that can effortlessly handle easy, challenging and problematic substances – including coarse reduction and fine grinding of synthetic and natural rubbers – are increasingly important to meet manufacturer and consumer demand.

Heavy-duty size reduction and feed systems from processing pioneer Hosokawa Micron are designed specifically for the arduous task of shredding bales or strips of natural and synthetic rubber (also known as Caoutchouc) and vulcanised and non-vulcanised rubber waste, enabling easy blending of different types of rubbers with ingredients such as chemicals and additives. Some can also be used to pre-grind rubber prior to dissolving it, which ensures a quicker processing time.

Our product range includes the extremely heavy duty, high-performance Rubber Chopper (with optional pneumatic bale feeder) and the workhorse Pre-Breaker, both used for the coarse grinding of rubbers and popular pieces of equipment for industries including chemicals, adhesives and plastics. A Cavitron Dissolver can easily be integrated to create a Rubber Chopper system for the efficient size reduction of notoriously tricky-to-grind rubber materials that require secondary processing. The very popular Rubber Chopper is also perfect for pre-processing material such as alginates for the food and healthcare industries.

In addition, we also offer a selection of fine and ultrafine grinding mills and classifiers for the additional processing and recycling of rubber-based material.

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