Hosokawa Gen4 for the Cosmetics Industry

The multi-billion-pound cosmetics industry is increasingly competitive and fast-moving, with new formulations, ingredients and products introduced constantly to the market.

The multi-billion-pound cosmetics industry is increasingly competitive and fast-moving, with new formulations, ingredients and products introduced constantly to the market.

In such a dynamic and feisty commercial space – where fashion, branding, wide-ranging price points, eco-awareness, cosmetic science and product development drives the market – the ability to turnaround and constantly supply consistently high-quality products quickly and in huge quantities is essential.

Hosokawa Gen4 smart systems by Hosokawa Micron Ltd deliver tangible business benefits for companies manufacturing cosmetics and beauty products, while Hosokawa Micron’s in-process, dry powder particle size analysis and characterisation equipment is also an integral part of Hosokawa Gen4’s intelligent monitoring and advanced control systems and is ideally suited to closed system manufacturing practices.


Responsible Processing Operations and Ethical Products

To meet stringent industry standards – as well as the expectations of an extremely savvy customer base, whose choice of product is these days based on environmental, ethical and safety factors just as much as by brand, colour or product claim – the cosmetics industry has to be accountable and must listen to its multi-generational demographic.

For this growing, cutting-edge industry sector, responsible cosmetics and personal care companies increasingly believe that energy efficiency, waste reduction, environmental impact, transparency and safety should be major considerations for their processing, as well as for their products.

Digitalisation and High-performance Equipment Supports Cosmetics Innovation

Product developments such as mineral make-up and the concepts of ‘clean beauty’ and ‘personalised beauty’ have taken the industry by storm, supported by the sophisticated, high-performance containment and processing equipment used for their creation, including equipment designed and manufactured by Hosokawa Micron Ltd.

The world’s largest cosmetics companies are turning to digital transformations to drive their business strategies, using cutting-edge technology to create innovative new products that are more tailored to their customers’ high expectations, such as inclusive ranges of foundations for diverse skin types and ethnicities and products containing natural ingredients.


Hosokawa Gen4 offers a number of benefits that can help the cosmetics industry, such as:
  • Real-time cutting-edge analysis of production processes and asset performance
  • Integrating manufacturing processes and filling gaps in capacity
  • Supporting process validation, audit trails and batch information
  • Reducing production downtime and improving start-up times
  • Improving cosmetic consistency and yield while reducing defects
  • Shifting employee effort to more high-value tasks
  • Reducing energy usage and waste at the plant
  • Creating a robust supply chain to help maintain delivery times
  • Protecting operators from air-borne particles during powder cosmetics production through the integration of smart alerts into equipment, including for the maintenance of filters
  • Improving both commercial and manufacturing agility by helping to reduce the time to market for new products
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