Flake Crusher

Technology Application
Size Reduction

With the Alpine Compaction Flake Crusher brittle, easily broken materials are gently crushed down to a fine particle size. This gentle milling action minimises fines which means the Flake Crusher is often used in hazardous dust areas.

Typical Applications

  • Crushing of soft or agglomerated products.
  • Crushing of flakes to granulate
  • Disagglomeration after drying and mixing
  • Delumping to improve material flowability
  • Recycling of tablets


Product Information

With the Alpine Compaction Flake Crusher brittle, easily broken materials are gently crushed down to a fine particle size.

Flake Crusher

The Flake Crusher rotor mills the material through a screen using a rasp or hole screen. Throughout, particle size range and crushing intensity are governed by rotor speed, while upper particle size limit is dictated by the screen size.

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Flake Crusher Specifications

Hosokawa table Flake crusher

    • Operates in conjunction with Hosokawa Roll Compactor
    • Screen netting of 0.5 – 10 mm with support material or grinding sheet
    • Made completely from stainless steel
    • The unit benefits from easy access for cleaning.


Options: CIP/WIP available; can be made inert

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