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Hosokawa Micron’s patented Drymeister (DMR-H) continuous flash dryer is the first product of its kind in the world to combine the processes of drying, de-agglomeration/milling and classifying. Loaded with state-of-the-art technology, this equipment is perfect for materials where strong dispersion and air turbulence are required for the efficient evaporation of large quantities of liquid. The versatile technology allows for the safe, extremely efficient drying of a wide range of raw materials – including temperature-sensitive and/or hazardous – resulting in high quality, super-fine and dry powder in just a few seconds.



Product Information

The Drymeister (DMR-H)

The multi-purpose Drymeister (DMR-H) is reliable, very economical, compact and energy-efficient, too, needing 75% less space and using approximately 30-40% less energy per kilogram of evaporated water than a normal flash dryer. A variety of available component options enable the high-speed processing of different material textures and the control of the moisture content and particle size of the final product.

The Hosokawa Micron Drymeister (DMR-H) is currently available in a range of seven models and its diversity means that it can be tailor-made to be used by many industry sectors.

Hosokawa Micron also engineers and manufactures a Drymeister range specifically for intensive grinding (MDH). Contact our expert technical sales team, who can specify the best Drymeister range and model for your needs.

Currently available in a range of seven sizes, our featured Drymeister (DMR-H) can be used as a standalone piece of flash drying equipment or may be integrated into a complete, bespoke flash drying system with either an open, closed or recycle concept.

Hosokawa Micron control solutions have been implemented by a wide range of industries and are tried and tested, based on decades of accumulated practical experience and problem-solving know-how.

Hosokawa Micron’s Drymeister range of DMR-H models incorporates the very latest technology, including the critical process automation system, which our in-house control engineering experts tailor-make to meet the very specific requirements of each customer, allowing optimal control of the drying process whilst also being user-friendly, accurate and reliable.

Our Drymeister DMR-H model is ideal for material that requires strong dispersion and air turbulence to process efficiently. The equipment uses a high-speed rotor (the multi blade) with a typical tip speed of 110 m/s.

The Drymeister (DMR-H) is available in a wide range of sizes and powers for the grinding and separating motors and to manage different evaporation capacities.

In addition to the Drymeister DMR-H range, Hosokawa Micron also offers a Drymeister MDH model, with a horizontally driven grinding motor with swing hammers for intensive grinding. Please contact us for advice, further details or a quote.

The Drymeister (DMR-H) continuous flash dryer can safely dry temperature-sensitive and difficult to handle wet materials, including suspensions, slurries, sticky pastes, filter cakes, dough and powders, to create ultra-fine dry powders in seconds, utilising technology that prevents thermal damage and maximises nutrient preservation when processing foodstuffs.

End products include pesticides and fertilisers, animal feed, food colourants, wheat and insect flours, ceramics, kaolin, pigments, gypsum, catalysts, battery materials and various nutraceuticals, such as collagen peptide powder, high-value meat protein powder and vegetable proteins used in gluten-free and vegetarian foods, as well as sports and slimming products.

  • Compact patented design
  • Robust, reliable build quality
  • Energy-efficient (uses up to 30-40% less thermal energy than other flash dryers)
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional flash dryers
  • Significantly reduces operating costs due to its multi-purpose design
  • Designed to deliver high evaporation capacity
  • Produces ultra-fine powders in one step due to its special dispersion rotor
  • Versatile to mechanically dewater materials before the final drying stage
  • Handles even the most difficult raw materials
  • High performance to produce ultra-fine, uniform dry powders in minutes
  • Superior technology preserves nutrient quality
  • End products are less prone to deterioration and degradation
  • Efficient high evaporation capacity for large quantities
  • Flexible features to control moisture content and particle sizes
  • Market-leading accessibility for cleaning, maintenance and inspection
  • Can be integrated into bespoke food grade or chemical systems
  • Open, closed and recycle systems available

The Drymeister (DMR-H) continuous flash dryer is able to efficiently process bulk materials with a moisture content level of up to 80%, including temperature-sensitive materials. The hot air (or inert gas) used in the drying process can be heated up to 650°C.

Diverse materials can be handled and processed by the patented Hosokawa Micron Drymeister range and complete systems can be designed to your specific requirements for the materials you wish to process.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the correct Hosokawa Micron Drymeister for your needs, including end product consistency, the nature of the raw material, particle size distribution, moisture content, the liquid to be evaporated, the sensitivity of the material, maintaining material integrity and so forth.

Key components of a complete process system we can tailor-make for you include the integral feeding system, which requires a reliable and constant feed rate. We can supply features such as static feed or agitated feed hoppers, a selection of different pumps, temperature-controlled direct or indirect heating systems, WIP/CIP systems and end product recovery solutions such as filters, cyclone and filter combinations or scrubbers.

Hosokawa Micron works extremely closely with every customer to ensure the high-performance equipment we tailor-design and manufacture is the best solution for the application, combining premium quality and outstanding functionality and performance whilst being as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

As a world-renowned expert in powder processing technologies, we are trusted by companies throughout the world from a variety of diverse industries, and boast a wealth of practical, first-hand experience that means we can confidently integrate our Drymeister range into a multi-component closed or open loop process system.


Open Loop System – Food-Grade Drymeister Process Systems

Open systems are perfect for drying food and organic materials which require special handling due to their characteristics and to maximise the product integrity post-process. Food-grade systems must be designed and engineered to take into consideration factors such as explosion and auto ignition risk, as well as hygiene requirements, which may include controlling the levels of bacteria in the dried powder, depending on the end product.

Hosokawa Micron is a passionate advocate of increasing food safety and improving the hygienic engineering aspects of our flash drying processing equipment for food production. We are active participants in the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), a consortium whose goals include increasing the durability and functionality of food-grade equipment, reducing corrective maintenance requirements and lowering production costs.


Closed Loop System – Chemical-Grade Drymeister Process Systems

Closed systems are typically used for drying chemicals in inert gas atmospheres. Explosive or solvent chemical materials require specialist processing and Hosokawa Micron offers decades of expertise designing, engineering and manufacturing systems that comply to the highest industry standards.

For the processing of low-value chemical products, the processing cost can be partially mitigated by a heat recovery system, for example. We offer a number of solutions and can work with you to evaluate the best system to complement the process conditions and reduce operational costs.

Hosokawa Micron is renowned for developing specialist chemical processing equipment of the highest quality, adhering to the latest industry standards for processing hazardous materials whilst also engineering drying products and process systems that are energy-efficient, flexible and safe to use. We are proud to say that our Drymeister range is one of the most environmentally friendly on the market.

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