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Drum and Bulk Container Handling Equipment

Technology Application
Containment Filling & Weighing

Hosokawa Micron is a containment and powder processing specialist with wide-ranging first-hand experience of designing and manufacturing complex processing solutions for industrial sectors that handle powders and particles, including extremely hazardous substances such as APIs and nuclear material. Integral to the process is efficiently and safely introducing the bulk material into the process system whilst minimising the amount of manual handling, which is where our bespoke drum and bulk container tipping solutions excel.

Our manual and automatic handling equipment is designed to conform to the latest COSHH and handling regulations and to seamlessly integrate into our bespoke containment and processing equipment. From large Dispensary Booths and compact Downflow Booths, to complex ATEX-compliant multi-chamber Isolators with drum-tipping chambers and Vacuum Transfer Isolators and Gloveboxes, each flexible solution can be designed to safely handle a variety of drum sizes, vessels, raw materials and product weights.

Product Information

Bespoke manual and automatic drum and bulk container equipment from Hosokawa Micron – manufactured to the latest COSHH, ATEX and cGMP standards – for the safe conveying of bulk powders, granules and liquids

Drum Handling Equipment

Designed to minimise the amount of manual handling which occurs, our drum handling equipment is suitable for fibreboard kegs, plastic drums, and steel drums up to 200ltr and 250kg. They are manufactured to conform to current COSHH and manual handling regulations.

All our drum handling units are individually designed bespoke to meet customer requirements.

Drum Handling Equipment Specifications

Hosokawa Micron offers a variety of high-quality pneumatic and manual product handling options for the critical safe conveying and containing of hazardous and non-hazardous material. Offered as part of a processing system for powders, granules and liquids, we can supply a wide selection of sizes to suit different types of vessels, raw materials, weights and safety standards.

Applications include:

  • Drum tipping – powder
  • IBC/drum filling – powder and liquids
  • IBC/FIBC Discharge – powder
  • Drum emptying (vacuum discharge) – powder or liquid


Our material handling solutions are bespoke and manufactured to conform to the latest COSHH and manual handling regulations. ATEX and cGMP-compliant designs are available, if required.


Drum and Bulk Container Handling Equipment is used for safely introducing bulk raw material, including hazardous powder, into a process system, which may have a complex high containment element or be a simple milling system. Tailor-made Hosokawa Micron handling equipment is routinely integrated into the bespoke processing equipment we design and manufacture for a wide range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, battery materials and nuclear, to food and homecare.

  • Automatic and manual drum tipping solutions
  • Robust, ergonomic construction
  • Powerful, high-performance operation
  • Tailor-made for all Hosokawa Micron containment equipment
  • Glovebox integration available
  • Flexible discharge into a hopper, Isolator or process system
  • Specially engineered to minimise dust creation
  • Pneumatic or manual rotation available
  • Specialist container clamps adapt to drum sizes, weights and materials
  • Integrated product control valves
  • Operation interlock available to meet process system requirements
  • HEPA safe change filters available
  • ATEX-compliant versions available (Zone 1/22 and Zone 2/22)
  • cGMP versions available


Drum and Bulk Container Handling Equipment is used extensively in the industry sectors we supply our containment and processing equipment to. Safe handling during processing is critical, so we only integrate the highest quality Drum and Bulk Container Handling Equipment into our processing and containment products, including equipment to comply with ATEX and cGMP standards.

Drum Handling for Hosokawa Containment Equipment

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is a containment expert with decades of experience creating bespoke powder processing equipment and process systems for the safe containment of hazardous materials. Our expertise includes designing ergonomic handling solutions tailored specifically for optimal performance and integration into our containment solutions, which can include everything from Downflow Booths, Gloveboxes and Isolators, to complex milling systems.

Systems can include manual drum tippers for sub-dividing/dispensing, direct charging into reactor vessels or transfer to other process systems using an integrated vacuum transfer system.

Our automated drum tippers incorporate interlocked safety cages to ensure compliance to CE, UKCA and PUWER regulations, as well as multi-chamber isolators with integrated automatic drum tipping to meet maximum OEL requirements and provide complete product protection.

Though Hosokawa Micron has the specialist expertise to design and manufacture our own handling equipment, we are happy to collaborate with third party suppliers of handling equipment to complement Hosokawa Micron process equipment.


Hosokawa Micron is a specialist supplier of high-performance powder processing and containment equipment to a huge range of sectors, which all require drum handling solutions at various stages of the manufacturing process.

Our extensive process system expertise – and the variety of industry sectors we serve – means that we are frequently required to integrate tailor-made bulk handling equipment into the containment and processing systems we design, engineer and manufacture for our customers, including to ATEX and cGMP standards.

From drum discharging solutions integrated inside a Hosokawa Micron Downflow Booth, to Isolators with hoppers, reactor vessels and vacuum transfer capabilities, Hosokawa Micron solutions run the gamut of complexity and are trusted by our blue-chip customers from sectors including pharmaceuticals, nuclear, chemicals, battery material and food

Primarily, we design our own handling systems for integration into our containment equipment, but we also work collaboratively with third party suppliers of conveying and handling equipment when required.

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