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Air Jet Sieve e200LS

The iconic Air Jet Sieve e200 LS from Hosokawa Micron is the original pneumatic dry sieving instrument for powder and the most widely used equipment in the world for detecting particle size distributions, production monitoring, industry-standard international quality assurance, batch control, R&D and laboratory testing. We are proud to say that Hosokawa Alpine, our sister company, discovered the ground-breaking methodology behind air jet sieving and innovated the technology in the early 1950s, introducing the first model (A200 LS) in 1953. Since then, this technology-packed, precision piece of desktop laboratory instrumentation has become infinitely more sophisticated and technologically advanced. Today, the Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is trusted by thousands of customers – from the academic, R&D, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, agrochemicals and minerals industries – who rely on its wide-ranging capabilities, micro-precise accuracy, high performance, powerful functionality and sophisticated document validation levels, while also favouring its compact, streamlined design and energy-efficient, user-friendly and quiet operation. The Air Jet Sieve e200 LS from Hosokawa has consistently enjoyed a premier market position for seventy years and has recently benefitted from a major technology and features upgrade.


Product Information

The Alpine Air Jet Sieve is a particle size analyser which has been recognised as the technology standard in particle size analysis.

Air Jet Sieve e200LS

It is used for determining the particle size distribution of dry, powdery materials in the range of 25µm to 2000µm.

The simplicity of operation of the Alpine Air Jet Sieve, and technological advances including the integration of a mini computer minimises errors for greater reliability and maintains this product as a market leader. The sieve boasts an innovative HD 6.4in TFT touch screen and the menu is intuitive, making the sieve very easy to operate. It also offers individual language selection.

All the information provided by the particle analyser is easy to understand, including system data and settings. It can be connected to a laboratory balance via USB and Ethernet, and the software is easy and flexible when it comes to upgrades.

Samples between 0.3 and 100 grams can be analysed easily and quickly. The batch weight is dependent on the sieve mesh width and material density, and the sieve offers fully automatic identification of the test sieve mesh widths.

The exceptional dispersion of the material being analysed by the nozzle jet permits analysis down to 10 µm with the micro-precision sieves.

Air Jet Sieve e200LS Specifications

The Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is supplied as a package comprising the instrument itself, a Class L vacuum cleaner and the acrylic glass cover, featuring a special coating that allows for rapid post-analysis cleaning. Customers have a selection of four software packages to choose from and this choice is also included as part of the package (pre-installed for delivery).

The measurement ranges span 20µm to 4,000µm and 10µm to 2,500µm, depending on the type of sieve used, the underpressure (Pa) spans 1,500 to 5,000 and the sieve has an air flow rate of 65m3 to 140m3 per hour and an 18rpm speed.

Size: 535mm (L) x 370mm (W) x 386mm (H)

IP Protection Class: 54

Software Packages

Four high-performance eControl software packages (eControl Lite, eControl Basic, eControl Ultimate and eControl Security) are designed to meet the analysis requirements of all customers, offering a more tailored approach to the air jet sieving process, whatever the processing environment.

The four packages offer increasingly more sophisticated functionality and can be quickly and easily upgraded at any time – a brief summary of functionality is listed below.

  • eControl Lite Perfect for simple fast analysis and one touch operation. Underpressure is manually adjustable and displayed in Pa, along with the date, time and sieving time.
  • eControl Basic All the features of Lite, but also offers automatic underpressure regulation, analysis of results in table form, balance communication, central parameter sieve management and a choice of twelve languages
  • eControl Ultimate All the features of Basic, plus functions such as SOP management, auto back up, parameter management per test sieve, set point specification results analysis in table and graph format, auto saving and printing
  • eControl Security Perfect for industry-standard validation and compliance requirements, including ISPE GAMP 5, FDA 21 Part II, EC GMP Annex 11, additional capabilities include five-person-level user administration, password management, audit trail, e-signature (network connection required)


A full list of software features can be found in the downloadable Air Jet Sieve e200 LS digital brochure.

Conveniently, Hosokawa can also offer an entirely bespoke service, tailoring a software package precisely to customer requirements.

The Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is an efficiently quick particle size analysis instrument that is internationally renowned by the processing, research and academia sectors as being the industry standard equipment for pneumatic dry sieving using air and particle distribution analysis, separation and fractionation – measurements are internationally recognised and validated to standards including GAMP, ISPE, FDA, ISO and ATEX. Amongst its many uses, the instrument is perfect for batch control, dry sieving, classification, raw material control, R&D, trend and comparison analysis, quality assurance and powder testing.

Robust, high-performance instrument

  • Extremely reliable, flexible and efficient
  • User-friendly operation, ergonomic design
  • Packed with digital technology and functionality
  • High reproducibility and comparability
  • Measuring range – 20µm to 4mm and 10µm to 2.5mm
  • SOP management for creating sieving processes
  • Automatic sieve recognition technology
  • Manual sieving option
  • Test sieve management – manually adjustable underpressure, sieving time parameters etc
  • Automatic underpressure regulation from 1,500 Pa to 6,000 Pa
  • Archive sieving processes, then retrieve and evaluate the results
  • Up to five levels of user administration
  • Qualification documentation for the pharmaceutical industry (IQ, OQ, PQ & optional CV)
  • Range of optional accessories including dust extraction fans, cyclones, lab balances
  • Wide selection of analysis, specialist and micro-sieving sieves
  • Universal sieve adapter available
  • Complete range of sieve-handling accessories
  • Choice of twelve languages
  • Includes main device, class L vacuum cleaner, acrylic glass cover and choice of software
  • ATEX-compliant version available
  • NEW Up to 50% quieter operation*
  • NEW Choice of four (easily upgradeable) eControl software packages
  • NEW Innovative automatic diagnostics monitoring of electronics with status LEDs
  • NEW Modular functionality, including dehumidification and cooling
  • NEW Remote intake and feeding of additives
  • NEW Powerful Kärcher® vacuum cleaner with filter cleaning
  • NEW Ergonomic, glare-free 7-inch smart touch screen with 3mm thick safety glass
  • NEW Intuitive operation and user-friendly guide
  • NEW Analysis, reports, archiving, search function, auto back-up
  • NEW Cables and connections are integrated into the back of the unit
  • NEW Ethernet, RS and USB (x3) connections for keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner

Hosokawa’s world-famous Air Jet Sieve (the original A200 LS model) was invented in the 1950s to address the frustratingly common issue of very fine powders agglomerating during the analysis process. The concept and design of the analysis instrument were a scientific revelation for powder processing and today, air jet sieving remains the most accurate way of determining particle size, with Hosokawa’s particle size analysis measurement standards recognised in laboratories, academic institutions and manufacturing industries throughout the world.

The Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is a ground-breaking piece of high-performance laboratory technology that overcomes the challenges of fine powders agglomerating (clumping) during the sieving and analysis process. Originally devised and created by Hosokawa Alpine in the 1950s, it is a fine example of German innovation and craftmanship that has been the market leader for decades.

The iconic instrument performs separation, fractionation and particle size analysis tasks for powders and particles during a set period of time. It offers high reproducibility and comparability, aided by using precision balancing equipment (available separately) to repeatedly weigh the powder throughout the process and using the correct analysis sieve to achieve the results required.

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Powerful, effective, reliable and quick, the Air Jet Sieve e200 LS combines the powerful, yet very controlled efforts of two of its important components – the slotted nozzle and industrial Kärcher® vacuum cleaner (optional ATEX-compliant dust collector available).

The narrow, slotted nozzle rotates within the sieving chamber, forcing air through the narrow nozzle holes at a high speed from below – propelling the powder lying on the analysis sieve upwards to make brief, forceful contact with the acrylic glass cover, which quickly disperses the particles – while the vacuum cleaner provides a high vacuum within the chamber.

Suction from the vacuum cleaner draws the powder down through the analysis sieve (if the particles are small enough), separating the fine material from any course material that will remain between the sieve and the glass cover.

When the sieving process is completed, any course material remaining on the analysis sieve in the chamber can be removed and weighed, prior to the process being repeated.

Fine material can be reliably collected via a variety of ancillary products, including the standard issue Kärcher® vacuum cleaner, a fan-assisted DBFV dust extraction vacuum cleaner (ATEX-compliant) or the high-performance, stainless-steel Hosokawa Alpine Cyclone (GAZ 120) for contamination-free extraction of up to 1 litre of fine material.

Automatic under pressure regulation and specifying the sieving parameters guarantee results that can be accurately reproduced.

A suction silencer and new intake duct with optimised air flow design mean the Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is 50% quieter than the previous model.


The Hosokawa Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is a compact, standalone piece of powder analysis equipment, which can be used by a wide range of industry sectors for a multitude of purposes. Commercially, it is used by manufacturers from the worlds of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, nutraceuticals, toner engineering and many more as a means to help manage efficient, consistent production of powder-based ingredients and end products, so may be used in tandem with milling, size reduction and air classification equipment, for example.

The instrument is also an extremely useful addition to suites of laboratory and pilot plant equipment in academic or research and development settings, where experimentation, testing and validation can be achieved effortlessly, efficiently and to internationally recognised standards.

Hosokawa Micron designs, engineers and manufacturers a wide range of containment and powder/particle processing equipment that may be used in many configurations to create high-performance process systems. The Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is an excellent complement to a process system from Hosokawa Micron.

The Hosokawa Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is a hugely flexible instrument and there is a wide range of accessories available to suit the needs of many industries and processes.

Options include dust extraction fans (dust class H), dedusting Pre-separators (class M) and high-performance cyclones, to a huge range of stainless-steel analysis test sieves (20µm-4,000µm) to DIN ISO 3310 and ASTME E11 standards with RFID chips for automatic sieve recognition; stainless-steel specialist sieves (10µm-2,500µm) and micro-sieving units for 76mm diameter stainless-steel sieves to DIN ISO 3310-1 and DIN ISO 3310-3 standards. Universal sieve adapters and acrylic covers are available for previous Hosokawa Air Jet Sieve models, as well as non-Hosokawa products.

  • Dust Extraction Fan DBFV (dust class H)
  • Dedusting Pre-separator D360 (dust class M)
  • Plastic Cyclone PAZ 160
  • High Performance Cyclone GAZ 120
  • Full range of stainless-steel Analysis Sieves (20µm-4,000µm)
  • Specialist Sieves (76mm diameter and 10µm-2,500µm)
  • Micro-sieving Unit for 76mm specialist sieves
  • Sieve Holder Adapters
  • Sieve Holder Cover
  • Sieve Holder (holds up to 5 test sieves)
  • Laboratory Balance – Mettler Toledo ME 1002T
  • Laboratory Balance – Sartorius Practum® 1102-1S
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners and alkaline cleaners


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