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Flexible Compact Isolators for Nimble Manufacturing and Research

‘Nimble manufacturing is the second main factor (after high containment levels) influencing the purchase of the Hosokawa Flexible Compact Isolators’, says Carl Emsley, Sales Manager at Hosokawa Micron Ltd.

‘The ability to quickly responses to changes in demand is increasingly being seen as the key to success in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology and research markets. As companies strive to ‘stay ahead of the pack’ and get a lead on their competitors, our small footprint, barrier containment, compact isolators are proving that they are definitely up to the task. They make it easy to have flexible containment exactly where and when it is needed. ’

With the ability to use one isolator unit for several different processes or to link individual units together to create a multi-process work pod, FCIs create a real flexibility and agility in manufacturing or research settings that is not easy to achieve with large or static isolators.

Delivering high containment levels of 1µg/m³, Hosokawa FCIs can cope with a range of potentially hazardous products, protecting both personnel and products.

With excellent all round visibility and a range of rigid, semi rigid or disposable canopy options which fit onto the stainless steel base unit, many customers see the benefit of ordering more than one canopy style, further increasing manufacturing flexibility.

The plug and play mobility of FCIs means units can be wheeled to where they are needed. Relocation is quick and easy and allows maximum use of the resource.

Based on traditional, Hosokawa Micron static isolator designs the FCI is both durable and economic and with shorter manufacturing lead times. It offers an ideal solution, particularly for test type applications, start-up companies or those for whom handling of hazardous powders is infrequent or when investment in a dedicated, static isolator, is not appropriate.

The Hosokawa FCI can be tailored to suit customer requirements including air handling systems, CIP system, filtration and rapid transfer ports, nitrogen inertion, flexible glove port configuration and hazardous area systems.

Hosokawa Micron can also offer a range of processing and packing equipment specially engineered in miniature for use within the Hosokawa Micron FCI.

Isolators and Gloveboxes

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