Hosokawa Micron offers a wide range of processing equipment and containment solutions for the food and beverage industry, including for the specialist confectionery market.

Whether it’s cocoa, sugar, thickening agents, artificial sweeteners, pectin or modified starch for the production of confectionery items including fruit gums, chewable medicated sweets, chocolate and pralines, Hosokawa Micron’s versatile ranges of milling, size reduction, compaction and containment equipment are ideal for small batch or large-scale production of ingredients including fine powders, granules and liquids.

Our comprehensive processing expertise is valued by customers all over the world, particularly for difficult-to-process materials such as cocoa and gelatine – which require very specialised equipment and processing techniques to achieve high-quality end products – and to increase the versatility of a raw materials such as sugar by increasing the particle size through compaction and granulation.

To protect operators, promote safe production procedures in potentially highly explosive atmospheres and maintain the integrity of the end product, our ranges of containment equipment incorporate clean air technology to assist confectionery manufacturers at many stages of the production process.

Tailor-made laminar flow cabinets – that extract airborne particles created by the processing material – can accommodate our bespoke filling and weighing equipment to create a high-performance process system for dispensing, charging and discharging, liquid dispensing, repackaging and pack off into bottles and drums with single or continuous liners.

Custom-made drum handling equipment

Our versatile, custom-made drum handling equipment for safe product transfer offers options for automatic or manual tipping of drums and kegs. Depending on customer requirements, they may be standalone, integrated into downflow booths or laminar flow cabinets and have a glovebox facility, if required.

Confectionery Industry

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